Bike Patrol Unit

The LaGrange Police Department Bike Patrol Unit utilizes aggressive patrolling techniques in high crime and high drug areas. Areas of patrol are determined by calls for service, citizen complaints, and crime trend analysis. This unit is routinely called upon throughout the year to assist the department's Special Investigations Unit with covert surveillance details, buy bust operations, and the execution of search warrants. This unit also assists the Criminal Investigative Section with special operations regarding burglaries and entering autos. The bike unit also assists other fellow officers within the agency by working high school football games by patrolling the parking lots and surrounding streets to help prevent damage to property and other violations of law. Finally, unit members work with young children by providing bike safety and bike familiarization classes. The bike unit has demonstrated its flexibility and value to the agency and to the citizens of our community. Bike officers have demonstrated their ability to be creative and versatile in their approach to serving the public and addressing quality of life issues.

Sgt. Clayton Bryant

Cpl. Willoughby

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