Warrant/Court Services Unit

The Warrant/Court Services Unit consists of two officers supervised by a patrol sergeant. Unit members are tasked with serving valid outstanding Superior, State and Municipal Court arrest warrants. To this end members often travel jurisdictions throughout the state to pick up arrestees who have been detained based on an arrest warrant issued through the LaGrange Municipal Court and/ or the Magistrate Court of Troup County on behalf of the LaGrange Police Department. The officers are also tasked with serving witness subpoenas for the LaGrange Municipal Court. In addition to these duties, the officers provide security during LaGrange Municipal Court sessions.

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Entry into the Municipal Court building

Persons seeking entry into the LaGrange Municipal Court preceding a court session are deemed to have given their consent to a limited search of their person and of their belongings for administrative purposes.

Please know that everyone will pass through a metal detector which will alert on foot wear and undergarments (i.e. boots, high heeled shoes, under wire bras, girls and men’s dress shoes, etc.) If the metal detector alerts in the feet area, you may be required to remove your shoes so that the footwear can be inspected.

Individuals seeking entry for a scheduled court date may experience long lines at the security checkpoint. Please arrive in ample time to clear the checkpoint before court starts.

Prohibited Items

Unless specifically exempted by the security plan or by court order, prohibited items include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Firearms (handgun, rifle, shotgun, or other)
  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Flammable Materials
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Knives, razors, or any cutting tools (to include knives attached to fingernail clippers)
  • Clubs, expandable batons, batons, slap jacks or other types of impact weapons
  • Chemical defense agents and sprays such as pepper spray (OC) and mace
  • ECW's (TASER or any such devices)
  • Any other item which may be used as a weapon
  • Tools
  • Scissors
  • Knitting needles
  • Recording devices
  • Cameras (to include photo, video and as part of various electronic devices)
  • Any other items determined to be contraband
  • Any electronic device permitted into the court building must be able to be powered on and checked by security staff

Persons attempting to enter the court building while in possession of any of these items may be subject to arrest. Also the item is subject to seizure by security personnel.

Courtroom Order and Decorum

All individuals attending the LaGrange Municipal Court are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner whether inside the court room itself or while in the building. Anyone being disruptive or causing a commotion will be escorted from the court building and is subject to criminal prosecution. When attending a court session whether as a spectator, witness or as a defendant, you may not wear halter tops or shirts that show the midsection, or hats except for religious or medical reasons and female hats which are a style normally accepted as church dress.) All cell phones must be either placed on silent or turned off and stored away. The following items are prohibited from entering the courtroom: Food, drink, newspaper, magazines and books. While small children are allowed in the courtroom, the children and the person in control of the children will be removed from the courtroom if a child becomes restless, causing a disturbance.

Lt. Monica Peterson

Lt. Monica Peterson

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