Special Investigation Unit

The LaGrange Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit consists of drug investigators, an evidence technician, a technical coordinator, an administrative assistant and a Sergeant. This unit falls under the responsibility of the Administrative Services Commander, Dale Strickland. Investigators in the unit are responsible for offenses related to the violation of the Georgia Control Substance Act as well as alcohol violations, tobacco violations, prostitution, and gang activity. The unit supervisor is also responsible for the Evidence Technician and Technical Coordinator. The Evidence Technician is responsible for all articles of property, and other recovered items. The Evidence Technician also ensures all items within her control are securely stored and are referenced in the department’s computer database. Finally, the Technical Coordinator is responsible for issuing all assigned officer related equipment and for the up keep of the police department’s building and firing range.

Sgt. Mark Cavender

Sgt. Mark Cavendar

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