Support Division

The LaGrange Police Department’s Support Division is responsible for non-enforcement related services which includes the Records Section and the Community Service Section.

The LaGrange Police Department’s Records Section is the repository for all case files, all hardcopy official documents generated by officers, and it houses the terminals containing criminal history record information. It is also responsible for Uniform Crime Reporting, as well as establishing guidelines for the preparation, retention, dissemination, accountability, auditing, and processing of official forms, reports, and documents initiated and maintained by the LaGrange Police Department. This includes issuance of official documents such as citation books, chauffeur’s permits, solicitor permits, and alcoholic beverage cards, pursuant to the Ordinances of the City of LaGrange.

The Records Section is the official recipient for any requests made of the Police Department under the Georgia Open Records Act. The Records Section supervisor is the official Records Custodian for the LaGrange Police Department. The Records Section personnel also forward inquiries and complaints from the general public and all outside agencies to the proper sources. This area is required to be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing full-time access to all hard copy records and criminal history record information for law enforcement officers. The Records Section consists of seven full-time civilian employees, one part-time employee, and one sworn police supervisor, all of whom are certified by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations’ Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Unit as terminal operators. Four of the employees in this Section, including the supervisor, are Terminal Agency Coordinators.

Capt. Andree Robinson

Capt. Andree Robinson

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