Pit Bull Ordinance

On December 19, 2006, the LaGrange City Council approved an ordinance dealing with pit bull dogs. The ordinance requires all pit bull dogs harbored in the City of LaGrange to be registered through the City of LaGrange Animal Services. The registration fee is $10.00. As part of the registration process owners will be required to show proof of liability insurance or surety bond in the amount of at least $50,000 for each dog. Owners will also be required to show proof of inoculation. All pit bull dogs over the age of 4 months are required to be spayed or neutered. Additionally, the location where the pit bull dog will be housed must be inspected and approved by a member of the LaGrange Animal Services prior to the registration being approved.

If the animal has already been spayed or neutered and is updated on vaccinations then the adoption fees could be as low as $18.50 for a dog or $16.00 for a cat. If not, the cost will be higher but this fee will include vouchers to get the animal spayed or neutered and to get the first round of necessary vaccinations at a local veterinarian.